How to Gain Lean Muscles: Top Resources for Women

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Building muscle is a challenge, and if you’re new to weight and strength training, it may seem near impossible. But I’m here to tell you it’s not. No matter where you are in your transformation, someone else has been in your position, and through proper guidance, “the impossible” became POSSIBLE. Here are 6 top-rated resources that can help you achieve the lean figure you desire.  

For People Who Like Workout Videos

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Critical Bench 

  • Triple toning movements to gently activate your muscles and sculpt a lean, firm & feminine body
  • Various programs to choose from based on your needs 
  • Supplements, nutrition guide, FREE 5-minute workout plans, and more
  • YouTube channel with over 1 mil. subscribers and easy to follow workout videos


  • 40-Day Fitness Program designed to help you lift heavier and generate more muscle definition 
  • 20-40 minute workouts, all weight-training based. Can be done with dumbbells and/or barbells. 
  • Completion of 29 workouts in the 40 days will give you entry to win prizes 
  • 3 types of workouts within the program
  1. STRONG days – strength-building: you will move a little slower
  2. SHREDDY days – volume: will require you to move faster with weights
  3. SPEED days – HIIT, metabolic conditioning workouts, sprints, & cardio

For People Who Like Reading

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Whether you are just starting your body transformation or are already in progress, these resources target people of all levels. Remember, gaining the body you want requires careful planning. Success comes from discipline, patience, and consistency.

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Here are some additional tips: 

  • To lose weight, you eat fewer calories than you burn. To gain weight, you eat more than you burn. Find your macronutrient ratio HERE
  • Monitor yourself weekly but do not be discouraged if the scale doesn’t give you the result you want. Remember, the number on the scale can represent either water weight, body fat, or muscle gain. Taking girth measurements will show if you’re losing fat. You can also ask your doctor to order a DEXA Scan, which measures body composition and bone density or an MRI to calculate muscle mass.
  • The best exercises are composed of multijoint movements. Examples are squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, dips, and bench presses. When more than one set of joints are working in unison, you can lift more weight.
  • As your body adapts to workouts, you need to increase your surplus because your muscles will stop reacting to the same routine. Therefore, as you get stronger, increase your weight lifting amount and do more reps. 

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