How to Manage Stress & Anxiety? Tips on Taking Charge of Your Life

Do you need help managing stress and anxiety?

Most of us do. Stress and anxiety aren’t taught in schools and it is not common talk at the dinner table. But before we get into how to manage these ailments, we first need to understand them. Stress and anxiety are normal feelings that affect our emotional and physical body. They can come from any event, positive or negative.

Acute stress or anxiety is a quick response that may or may not have any damaging results. Chronic stress or anxiety is consistent for weeks, months, or years and can be very damaging to your physical and mental health.

Stress and anxiety vary from person to person. While common symptoms can include chest pain, sleep issues, depression, fatigue, skin conditions, and other ailments, you don’t have to fit a list to be defined as having these conditions. If you feel you suffer from stress and anxiety, chances are that you are right.

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How can I move forward in life while having stress and anxiety?

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Journaling/Self Talk
  • Art Therapy

Don’t underestimate the power in simple breathing exercises. Improper breathing can contribute to growing levels of stress and anxiety? When you control your breath, it promotes a state of calmness. Check out VeryWellMind’s top breathing exercises.

Journaling helps us better understand thoughts and feelings. But if writing is not your thing, an alternative is self-talk. Vent to yourself like you would a close friend. You can look in the mirror or stare at a wall. The point is to release what is built up inside. Cry, yell, throw things if you must. Make the space around you, your journal.

Create art with a childlike mindset. When kids are given paper and crayons, they don’t think, they act. Let your mind take a back seat and let your hand wander as you glide a crayon or a paintbrush across a blank canvas. Many people discuss the amazing healing power of art. If you haven’t watched Jim Carrey’s story of art therapy, check it out here.

These tips were just a few of the techniques I learned from a book I picked up called Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress by Dr. Gustav Kinrys MD and Alexandra Gold MA. It was that book that taught me how common stress and anxiety are in life. One of the most memorable quotes was “pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional” and an important lesson I learned is that instead of using language like “stress”, “anxiety”, or “depression,” you should give the feeling you are experiencing a common name such as “fear,” which is what stress and anxiety are.

Yes, you can take a pill that is tailored to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. But remember the golden rule. Pharmaceutical treatments do not fix problems; they manage symptoms temporarily.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Simplicity is always the key. Through simple practices, many people change their physical and mental health. Several blogs and videos have testimonials stating how people overcame stress and anxiety, as well as other physical and mental conditions due to holistic practices.

How you do handle acute or chronic stress and anxiety? Leave a comment below.

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